Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality of service by delivering a timely, objective, and readable FCE report.

Our Philosophy

What makes us who we are and why should we do FCEs the way that we do?


Since each individual is unique, we use an evaluation that is standardized which allows for the individual to be the only variable.


We believe in representing each client or patient accurately and with integrity. With this being said, we look at ourselves as Sergeant Friday; as investigators to collect facts and then offer a detailed functional picture to the referral source.


As a neutral third party, we strive to not coach, encourage, or lead the client/patient beyond what they think they can do, but without compromising consistency of effort determination. We maintain that this philosophy is best for return-to-work situations. The reason is that when someone returns to work or even the home environment there is no task master present to motivate them, figuratively speaking.


Therefore, the physical capabilities ascertained from the FCE are truly the individual's safe capabilities and are less likely to get re-injured on the job. Moreover, in over 20 years of performing FCEs, no one has been injured during an evaluation.


Lastly, we make our reports readable. What we mean by this is, it is not good enough to just document facts, client/patient responses, and to offer outcomes.  How it is conveyed to the referral source is of utmost importance. We believe that the old adage of keeping things simple is a valid saying; therefore, we write our reports in a succinct and easy to read format without a lot of medical jargon.

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